USERJOY has specialized in developing games in PC platform since its establishment. In recent years, with this strength, USERJOY has stressed in developing MMOGs. With the highly mature techniques, USERJOY has devoted to developing mobile games and expect to cooperate with global partners to bring more entertainment joys to gamers.
In the future, there are three major directions which USERJOY will keep focusing on:

1. Across-Platform Game Development
As the basis of existed online games, developing in across-platform titles combining with mobile communication and refining mobile games development are our goals to fulfill a variety of gamers.

2. Elevating the quality of local and overseas operation service
In order to provide gamers in Taiwan with more abundant and diverse choices for entertainment, USERJOY extends its business from being a game developer to game publisher. Hereafter, USERJOY will keep publishing more quality foreign and domestic online game for the gamers.

3. Committed in overseas market
"Angels Online" and "The Legend of Three Kingdoms Online" have attracted much attention and were successfully launched in China, Europe, United States, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc. USERJOY sets up a goal of introducing high-quality contents and local services to global audiences with the cooperation of global partners, and building up the brand image deeply in gamers minds.