★Founded Date: May 1995
★Paid-Up Capital: NT$ 345,200,740/US$ 11,919,915 (2012 Q4)
★Crew Size: 330人(2015 Q4)
★IPO in Taiwan Stock Market on April 18, 2008
★Business: Client-based, browser-based, and mobile games developing and publishing


USERJOY Technology was founded by several young men who share the same dream to create marvelous games in 1995. Therefore the classical PC games, such as Kingdom Heroes Online Series were then introduced to Chinese gamers. Devoting to game development and innovation is always the core competence for USERJOY. No matter in online games, web games or mobile games, USERJOY keeps on enhancing its developing competence in order to bring a variety of entertainment experiences to the gamers. Nowadays, USERJOY has established a strong brand awareness and developed many globally popular IPs, including The Legend of Three Kingdoms Series, The Twin Heroes Series, Fantasia Sango Series, Angels Online, Rub Mah-jong Online, etc.

Outlooking for the growing potential in overseas markets, USERJOY extends its role to publisher in Japan, and has become top two of Taiwan-capital game publishers there through comprehensive services in Japan. For example, Kingdom Heroes Online is a well-known game for Japan gamers. Moreover, in cooperation with international partners, USERJOY has licensed its IPs to every corner of the world such as China, North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia and so on.

Core Values
Honesty is the most important values for each staff in USERJOY, and this attitude lets us establish a long-term relationship with the gamers as well as partners and grow together.

USERJOY committed in bringing novel game experiences and business models to the audiences. Establishing an internal proposal system in response to the market changes makes USERJOY bring a variety of entertaining joys to the gamers and achieve sustainable management.

We believe that each success comes from teamwork and cooperation, so USERJOY pays much attention to ensure each employee is in right position where he/she belongs to earn their own honor.

Competitive Advantages
◎Rich in its own IP assets
USERJOY has been established nearly two decades ago with plenty of more than 70 games. We have accumulated a number of well-known IPs, which at a family of loyal customers and brand awareness.

◎The strength of across-platform development
Specializing in cross-platform development from PC, console, to mobile devices. Various contents bring gamers much more fun and stable game experiences.

◎Vertical Integration to provide game contents
Since 2007, USERJOY extends its business from being a game developer to a game publisher. In addition to launch the self-developed game, USERJOY also gets license of oversea games, such as Square Enix’s masterpiece 'Concerto Gate' Online and 'ZT2' from Giant Network in China and etc. USERJOY hopes to realize the gamers' need as the service provider and enhancing the energy of research and development.

◎Efficient and deep international cooperation experiences
USERJOY cooperates with overseas agents in a long-term relationship, having the localization experiences, which can provide high efficiency and high satisfaction services for local agents.