Management Plan

Our company is dedicated to game development and innovation, integrating cross-departmental research and development capabilities to enhance our products. We continuously study new information and apply the latest techniques, aiming to collaborate with global distributors to deliver new and exciting gaming experiences to players worldwide. Furthermore, we are proactively creating an Intellectual Property Management Plan.

To Board of Directors


  • The Legal Department has conducted an assessment of the company's operations for the current year. The Board of Directors has overseen the performance of intellectual property management to ensure its implementation and the creation of a management system.

  • The relevant matters have been reported to the Board of Directors at the Yth meeting held on[23, 3, 112].



  • Technical content is handled by the development department, with assistance from external agencies for application-related matters.

  • The inventory of patent applications is conducted annually and aligned with operational objectives.

  • Training is provided to enhance professional skills and encourage innovation.



  • Ensure competition in the market and enhance the recognition of our brand and services.

  • Prevent confusion and unfair competition, protect the trademark and consumer interests.