Cultural Development Support and Achievements

Profound cultural literacy serves as the nourishment for cultivating significant intellectual property (IP). Userjoy Technology Company deeply acknowledges the pivotal role of cultural development in the sustainable growth of their products. Therefore, they aspire to shape a brand-new cultural landscape by fostering the inheritance of culture and promoting the integration of social patterns, aiming to unite collective consensus. Approaching from a gaming perspective, Userjoy emphasizes cross-domain integration, communication, and interaction, blending diverse cultural elements to create a rich and diverse gaming experience. This approach facilitates the sustainable development of culture, transforming games into platforms for cultural heritage and innovation.


In 2022, the company actively promoted local culture by exclusively supporting the screening of a Taiwanese indigenous cultural film, "Pili Puppetry: Su Huanzhen" (Pili Series), contributing a total of NT$43,340 and enabling 197 employees to watch the movie. Simultaneously, in coordination with the film's release, the company launched the mobile game "Legend of the Sacred Stone," available globally on STEAM, with a cumulative investment of 800,000 yuan.