Public Welfare and Care

Userjoy Technology is committed to sustainability as its highest goal and actively practices the concept of "Corporate Social Responsibility," striving to achieve the positive goal of "taking from society and giving back to society." Besides continuously monitoring various issues and setting annual goals, we also take concrete actions to invest in, participate in, and implement social responsibility initiatives. Our aspiration is to fulfill our social responsibility while creating business performance and competitiveness, contributing to the sustainable development of society, the environment, and the economy.

Local Social Contribution Userjoy Technology maintains an open and communicative attitude, reinforcing social engagement, and continually promoting social participation policies. Through establishing community cooperation and practicing social participation, we actively participate in local and community events to build connections and create a harmonious environment together.

Focus on Youth and Children's Issues The company has long been concerned about youth and children's issues. We collaborate with non-profit organizations and civil society groups, prioritizing donation as a means of support. Additionally, through cooperation in gaming products, we jointly contribute to gaming philanthropy to sustain our attention to these issues. We respond to social voices, actively listen to various opinions and feedback, and incorporate them into the decision-making process of game development and operations. This is achieved through coordination with the government, surveys on public opinion, collecting feedback from the community, and holding advisory meetings.

Care for Underprivileged Rural Areas Targeting remote and underprivileged groups, we prioritize support through collaboration with non-profit organizations and civil society groups, utilizing donations and various means of assistance. Moreover, leveraging the influence of our products, we strengthen the connection between players and society, encouraging player engagement in philanthropic activities to enhance social participation. Our contributions aim to unite the power of society.

Implementation Effectiveness Report