Training & Development and Labor-Management Relations

Training & Development

Our company's education and training system covers professional (functional) training, hierarchical training, common training, new employee training, management talent development training, and self-development (SD) education. This includes on-job training for employees in various departments, as well as concentrated or individual off-the-job training, allowing employees to constantly acquire new knowledge, enhance their professional skills, and improve their managerial abilities. From the year 2012 to May 2023, the total training hours exceeded 43,300 person-hours, with approximately 677 participants and training expenses of around 7.96 million NTD.
Orientation aim to assist new employees in smoothly adapting to their work by understanding the company's corporate culture, business philosophy, regulations, and the company's environment. From 2012 to May 2023, a total of 31 sessions and 659 participants received new employee education and training. Additionally, specific employees are assigned to participate in courses related to physical, mental, and self-development, showing that we not only emphasize employees' growth in their work but also value their personal development.

Labor-Management Relations

1. Agreements between Labor and Management:
Our company holds labor-management meetings quarterly to discuss relevant issues, ensuring harmonious labor-management relations. There have been no labor disputes as we have always emphasized two-way communication between labor and management to maintain a good relationship. Therefore, there have been no significant labor disputes affecting the normal operation of the company to date.
2. Measures to Protect Employee Rights and Interests:
Our company has established comprehensive regulations related to employees, detailing their rights, obligations, and welfare measures. The content is regularly reviewed and transmitted online to protect employees' rights and interests.
3. Disclosure of Losses and Measures in Response to Labor Disputes in the past two fiscal years and as of the printing
date of the public disclosure statement: We attach great importance to employee welfare, training, and feedback, and maintain an accessible channel for complaints. Therefore, in the past two fiscal years and as of the printing date of the public disclosure statement, there have been no significant labor disputes that could affect the company's normal operation. The estimated risk of future losses due to labor disputes is extremely low. Employee Ethics and Code of Conduct: To establish a good corporate culture, maintain harmonious employee relationships, our company has established the following employee ethics and code of conduct:

  1. Mutual respect and integrity, working together to achieve the company's business objectives.
  2. Actively protect the company's reputation and avoid any actions that may harm it.
  3. Value customer rights and company interests, maintain a clear separation between personal and professional matters.
  4. Avoid any potential conflicts of interest between individuals and the company.
  5. Avoid arguments with customers and actively handle customer complaints.
  6. Make every effort to protect company assets and avoid wasting resources.
  7. Fully understand the scope of authority and refrain from unauthorized actions.
  8. Reporting official matters should follow the proper chain of command, except in urgent or special circumstances.
  9. Keep personal emotions and disputes out of the workplace.
  10. Avoid discussing rumors, defaming others, or spreading gossip.
  11. Emphasize business etiquette, such as punctuality, reliability, telephone etiquette, and appropriate attire.
  12. Respect individuals of the opposite sex and avoid language or behavior that constitutes sexual harassment to comply with the law.