Training and Labor Relations


Our company's training and development programs cover various aspects, including professional, hierarchical, group, new employee orientation, management, and self-improvement training. Employees across departments benefit from on-the-job and off-the-job training, continuously enhancing their skills, professional expertise, and management capabilities. New employee orientation helps staff quickly adapt to their roles, understand the company's culture, business philosophy, policies, and procedures.

Labor Relations

l. Regular Meeting

Our company holds quarterly meetings to discuss various topics, communicate with employees, and gain insight into their needs while addressing any questions or concerns.

II. Rights and Benefits

Regulations related to employees' rights and benefits have been established, and regularly reviewed to safeguard employee rights.

III. Employee Ethics and Code of Conduct:

To maintain a positive image and culture, USERJOY has established the following standards for all employees:

  1. Respect and collaborate with colleagues to achieve business goals.
  2. Protect branding image and prevent conducting any illegal actions.
  3. Value customers’ benefits and rights.
  4. Avoid conflicts of interest between personal matters and company responsibilities.
  5. Handling customer complaints with a positive attitude and proactively addressing their concerns.
  6. Protect company assets and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of confidential documents.
  7. Clearly define and adhere to scope of authority, refraining from unauthorized actions.
  8. Report any emergencies to supervisor promptly.
  9. Avoid bringing personal emotions or disputes into the workplace.
  10. Refrain from participating in gossip, defamation, or spreading rumors.
  11. Adhere to professional business etiquette, including punctuality, integrity, proper telephone etiquette, and appropriate attire.
  12. Respect individuals of the opposite sex and avoid using language or engaging in conduct that constitutes sexual harassment.