Employee Health Care

Physical and Mental Health

USERJOY is dedicated to creating a caring workplace for employees. The fitness center provides massage services, psychological counseling, and medical care support, all aimed at promoting the physical and mental well-being of our employees.


The company encourages and provides programs for the employees to keep their health and work-life balance, including:

Annual health check-up

Activities in basketball club, badminton club, and fitness clubs

Health-related seminars and workshops


USERJOY has a fitness center equipped with shower rooms, a massage room, and a nursing room, all of which are staffed by professionals to assist employees.


In 2022, the medical station took care of all employees and provided monthly psychological counseling to ensure their well-being.

COVID-19 Pandemic

During COVID-19, USERJOY encouraged everyone to take vaccine, and applied Work from Home policy for three months to prevent droplet and contacts. Free rapid diagnostic test had also been provided every week.
Today, USERJOY continues to monitor the development of the pandemic and enforces isolation for confirmed cases among employees. This year, additional expenses have been allocated for health check-ups to ensure the well-being of all staffs.

Continuous Improvement

USERJOY regularly assesses the effectiveness of the occupational health and safety training programs and make continuous improvements based on feedback and evaluations. The company will seek and consider employee opinions and suggestions to enhance support measures, ensuring the effective protection of all employees.