Talent Sustainability Declaration

USERJOY believes the sustainable development of talent is the key to success. Therefore, the following declarations have been established:

Integrity and Honesty

Every colleague must adhere to laws and relevant regulations to ensure the smooth operation of business.

Professionalism and Learning Development

Every colleague must uphold professional standards. USERJOY encourages and supports each employee in continuous learning and growth. The gaming industry is fast-paced business, and only by continuously acquiring new knowledge, skills, and trends can maintain a competitive edge. This continuous growth not only benefits the individual but also contributes to the company's sustained development, providing every colleague with more opportunities.

Innovation and Support

USERJOY believes innovation is the driving force behind business advancement. The company provides support and resources, encouraging each colleague to present new ideas and solutions, enabling employees to realize their creativity and create exceptional gaming experiences.

Team Spirit

USERJOY believes teamwork is a key factor in achieving goals. We encourage mutual assistance, cooperation, communication, and information sharing among colleagues to foster team cohesion and efficiency, resulting in the creation of better contents.

Respect and Inclusivity

With respect to the diversity of every employee, including nationality, gender, culture, race, and religion, USERJOY treats all equally because only in an inclusive and respectful environment can allow everyone to work on their creativity and bring positive outcome to the gaming industry.