Greenhouse Gas Emission

USERJOY acknowledges the increasing impact of climate change and environmental concerns, and recognizes the importance of managing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. To establish a sustainable business model, many companies, including USERJOY, have adopted the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), particularly ISO 14064-1, to monitor and manage energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

In accordance with the requirements of ISO 14064-1, USERJOY collects relevant data every year. This includes direct emissions, such as fire extinguisher usage, and indirect emissions, which involve power consumption.
To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we have implemented plans as the following:

  1. Change to LED lighting, which can decrease power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in lighting systems.
  2. Introduce Virtual Machine (VM) to reduce power consumption.
The effectiveness of these plans can be assessed using the calculation methods outlined in ISO 14064-1. For instance, the adoption of LED lighting can reduce emissions from lighting fixtures, while introduction of Virtual Machine can reduce power consumption and the corresponding carbon dioxide emissions. For future planning, USERJOY aims to energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing more Virtual Machine on more occasions.

In summary, adopting ISO 14064-1 for managing and monitoring energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions empowers USERJOY to set clear goals and strategies while continually improving our environment. By utilizing ISO 14064-1, we can implement initiatives by:

Emission reduction strategies

Based on our forecast, USERJOY can assess our greenhouse gas emission status and devise appropriate emission reduction strategies, which is including power saving and reduce gas emissions.

Monitoring and reports

USERJOY is committed to monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our emission reduction plans, enabling both internal reporting and external disclosure. This approach helps in managing progress, improving processes, and providing clear information to stakeholders.

Future improvements

USERJOY will continuously strive for improvement by engaging in environmental conferences, investing in renewable energy, adopting green technologies, and seeking better solutions. In summary, utilizing the ISO 14064-1 standard can assist USERJOY in managing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. By identifying emission scopes, collecting data, and calculating emission amounts, USERJOY can formulate strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and continually help the environment.