Human Rights Policy


For protecting the basic human rights of all employees, USERJOY recognizes and supports various international human rights conventions, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Global Compact, Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and International Labour Organization conventions issued by the United Nations. This ensures that all employees of the company receive fair and dignified treatment.


The scope of this policy applies to all subsidiaries, directly or indirectly owned corporations (with accumulated donations exceeding fifty percent), and other group enterprises and organizations under our control.

International Human Rights Conventions

USERJOY supports the Global Compact, respecting and upholding international human rights to ensure that no human rights violations occur within the company. Regarding labor practices, we adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organization conventions, prohibiting any form of discrimination, forced labor, child labor, and ensuring the freedom of association for all employees. In the area of environmental responsibility, our company is committed to provide a safe working environment, and comply with regulations to prevent accidents.


Our workplace embraces diversity, and we do not discriminate or treat any employee differently in regards to their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, position, age, marital status, language, ideology, religion, political stance, birthplace, or appearance.


USERJOY holds meetings between employees and employers as a communication system that helps build a better workplace.

Information Security

For securing customer privacy, we have implemented comprehensive management for data access, processing, transmission, and storage, as well as ensuring the security of all personnel and equipment. Regarding the development and maintenance of applications or systems, we also incorporate security measures and controls. Data encryption and authentication are applied to online transactions to prevent data from being stolen, revised, damaged, lost, or leaked.