Workplace Safety

Workplace and Employee Personal Safety

The company is situated in the Far East Century Square Industrial Park in Zhonghe District, comprising a total of 12 modern industrial buildings within the park. The park has established a management committee to oversee and manage various aspects of the park, including mechanical and electrical systems, air conditioning, fire protection, and safety, ensuring a secure and comfortable working environment. Additionally, the company's primary focus is online game development, operating within a strictly office-based environment without any manufacturing facilities. As such, the working environment is relatively straightforward and secure. The company has also provided fire extinguishers in every office and regularly conducts fire-related training for staff, along with periodic firefighting seminars to uphold safety standards. Furthermore, the company employs dedicated cleaning personnel responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the office interior and conducts routine disinfection procedures to uphold environmental hygiene. Additionally, the following measures are in place:

  1. Set up a safety management department to monitor the working environment 24 hours a day to provide a safe and secure working environment.
  2. Set up employee access control system, and set access control permissions according to the company, floor, and department.
  3. Regular floor patrol to eliminate possible work hazards.
  4. Hire full-time nurses to assist in the safe care of employees.
  5. Annual fire safety inspection and equipment update and hold fire safety seminars.
  6. Annual fire safety inspection and equipment update and hold fire safety seminars.

Occupational Safety and Health-Related Training

In the gaming industry, which is a fast-paced and high-stress sector, the health, care, and workplace safety of employees are extremely important topics. To ensure the physical and mental well-being of our employees and to enhance work efficiency and job satisfaction, the company is committed to providing training related to occupational safety and health, aiming to establish a safe and healthy working environment.

Occupational Safety and Health Training Program

We have established a complete occupational safety and health training program to ensure that employees understand and comply with relevant safety regulations and procedures. The program includes training in:

  1. Workplace safety: Employees will receive training on workplace safety, including company environment introduction, fire education and training, emergency evacuation, earthquake response, basic first aid common sense, AED use teaching, electricity and electrical safety and other knowledge and skills.
  2. Occupational Disease Prevention: We will provide training on occupational disease prevention, including knowledge of the hazards posed by prolonged poor working postures and necessary protective measures:
    a. Offering employee subsidies for purchasing ergonomic chairs to address the issue.
    b. Providing massage services for employees to alleviate physical discomfort and soreness.
  3. Occupational Stress Management: We will provide training on stress management to help employees cope with work-related stress. We will also offer monthly one-on-one "heart-to-heart" sessions to provide psychological counseling or professional mental health assistance, including psychological counseling, stress management, and emotional regulation, to enhance their resilience to stress and ensure a work-life balance.

Safety Patrols and Risk Assessments

The management conducts regular monthly safety inspections and risk assessments to ensure workplace safety and employee health. These inspections will include checks on office equipment, electrical appliances, and air conditioning comfort, workplace cleanliness and tidiness, as well as environmental risk assessments within the office environment, including workstation ergonomics. Based on the assessment results, we will take necessary measures to mitigate any potential safety risks.

Physical and Mental Health Support

We value the physical and mental well-being of our employees. In addition to providing employees with access to a fitness center and massage services to help them maintain their physical health outside of work, we also offer one-on-one counseling sessions for mental health support. Furthermore, we have hired nurses who are available to provide guidance and advice on health-related issues.

These services collectively offer comprehensive support for both physical and mental health. We are committed to establishing a supportive and caring work environment to assist employees in maintaining their well-being while at work.

Health Promotion Activities

We encourage our employees to participate in health promotion activities, including:

  1. Annual physical health check-ups.
  2. Employee club activities (such as basketball, badminton, and fitness clubs) and other sports events.
  3. Employee health seminars, and more.

These activities help raise employee health awareness, improve their quality of life, and promote a balance between work and personal life.

Continuous Improvement

We will regularly assess and review the effectiveness of the occupational safety and health-related training program and make continuous improvements based on feedback and evaluation results. We will listen to employee feedback and suggestions, continually enhance our care and support measures, ensuring the effective protection of employee health and safety.

Userjoy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to maintaining the health, care, and workplace safety of our employees. Through occupational safety and health-related training, safety inspections and risk assessments, psychological health support, and health promotion activities, we are dedicated to establishing a safe, healthy, and supportive work environment where employees can work under favorable conditions and achieve personal and professional growth. We will continue to improve our occupational safety and health measures to ensure the well-being and care of our employees receive the utmost attention and protection.