Kingdom Heroes 2 Online Soon be Available in North America and Europe



Taipei, Taiwan, April 6th, 2010 – The 3D MMORPG, Kingdom Heroes 2 Online (KH2O), which is developed by USERJOY and published by Aeria Games, will be launched commercially in North America and Europe. Concurrently, Aeria Games has also signed an agreement with USERJOY for publishing another MMORPG, Phoenix Kingdoms Online (PKO) this year. With strong partnerships, USERJOY and Aeira Games aim at bringing quality online interactive entertainment to local gamers with these two strong titles in 2010.

Kingdom Heroes 2 Online and Phoenix Kingdom Online have been successfully launched in 2009 in Taiwan. KH2O offers revolutionary features including a solid kingdom war system that allows tens of thousands of gamers fighting on the same map. Gamers can organize their own group of soldiers and operate large siege engines like catapult and ballista. Moreover, they can work with guild members to experience exciting battleship battles. On the other hand, PKO fulfills gamers’ wildest imagination by providing the unique and powerful Hero Transformation system that allows gamers to realize their dream to be real Hero. With more than 70 different stylish heroes and the variety of gameplays such as DotA Battlefield and Deity Challenge, gamers can always have fun in the game.

These two titles are progressively showing strong performances. Since 2009 USERJOY has signed agreements with overseas companies to publish Kingdom Heroes 2 Online, such as The 9 in China and Wave Game in Indonesia. Open Beta tests for these two titles are scheduled to take place in North America in 2010. To date, Aeria Games has officially unveiled and announced upcoming Closed Beta test for KH2O in North America (

USERJOY looks forward to cooperating with potential partners to together generate promising success for both sides and bring joy and sensational gaming experiences to gamers worldwide. For more information about USERJOY, please contact Ms. Elle Chen at


About USERJOY Technology

USERJOY has founded as MMOG developer and publisher in Taiwan since 1995. Its games have been published in Taiwan, North America, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and most of Southeastern Asian countries, and have received much applause from oversea gamers. In 2008, The Legend of Three Kingdoms Online has brought USERJOY to a new era by achieving the record of 85,000 concurrent users in Taiwan. At the same year, the 1st MMORPG in PS3 platform—Angel Love Online, which is jointly developed by USERJOY and Q Entertainment, has been officially launched in Japan in Sept. 2008.

USERJOY also extends its business to MMOG publishing in Taiwan and Japan, and among home developments and those titles licensed from abroad developers, USERJOY has obtained the license of Concerto Gate Online from Square Enix, which has been one of the top popular games in Taiwan after its launch in 2009.

USERJOY has launched IPO in Taiwan Stock Market in April 2008. With more resources, it aims at becoming one of the major Online Entertainment Content Providers worldwide.

Game1] Project Heroes, PC, MMORPG,  (2009)
Game2] Kingdom Heroes 2, PC, MMORPG,  (2009)
Game3] Angel Love 2 Online, PC& PS3, MMORPG,  (2008)
Game4] Angel Love Online, PC & PS3, MMORPG,  (2006)
Game5] The Legend of Three Kingdom Online, PC, MMORPG,  (2005)

About Aeria Games
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