USERJOY will attend China Joy 2012 with first MIT web ARPG, Tiny Avengers Online!



USERJOY is going to present a science-fiction MMORPG browser-based game “Tiny Avengers Online” and a cute style 3D client-based MMORPG “Fantasy Saga”. More in-game demonstration will be shared with you during out meeting at China Joy.

Tiny Avengers (browser-based)

On a planet, all the creatures live on nuclear power produced from the core of the planet. However, once the planet runs out of the nuclear power, it will start its “Purification” process to destroy everything. The goal for players is to become protectors and save the planet with cutest style. Tiny Avengers Online has launched first beta test on June 28 in Taiwan and already been licensed to Japan, Indonesia and North America. We are looking for partners to bring joy of this title to more territories of the world. Test version for Tiny Avengers is available now.


Fantasy Saga (client-based)

A Q Style MMORPG, wealthy content with below features: exclusive guild territory, most exciting territory war, flexible transformer, unique pet cultivation system and tower of combat challenge. Fantasy Saga will be available for test in Q4, 2012. The brief image trailer with a passage of game play will be disclosed at our meeting of ChinaJoy!