《Fantasia Sango XP》 enters open beta and steps into Digital Taipei to say hi!



Way back into USERJOY’s classic Fantasia Sango series, 《Fantasia Sango XP》 enters open beta and steps into Digital Taipei to say hi!

USERJOY is sounding the bell for announcing that USERJOY is attending Digital Taipei to introduce the latest free to play web MMORPG: 《Fantasia Sango XP》from September, 16th -17th in Taipei, Taiwan.

Histories take a peek:
Up to 1.1 million packages,《Fantasia Sango》series total sales amount has opened a new page of Sango game trend since it launched from 2003. From 2004 to 2008, it also received many awards such as "GameStar". Besides the well performing in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, this series has stood on global stage by being licensed to famous Japanese company, Falcom, and has successfully entered Japanese market.

Now, USERJOY is releasing a whole new version of this classical game.《Fantasia Sango XP》 is integrated with classic characters and their experiences, taking all gamers back to the touching parts of this game. Gamers will play from the new angle and can’t get their eyes off the brand-new Sango History.


Features at a glance:
•Huge storyline with original characters replay the classic sceneries
•Beautiful CG, gorgeous battle effect, cute 2D characters
•Various battle modes: Elite BOSS Challenges, fighting fields, huge PVP, PVE, GVG
•Heroes recruiting system: Build good relationship and enhance bonds of partners to color your battles with your warriors’ combination attack, supporting and covering
•Equipment enhancement, Crystal Assistant
•Searching system: Be the king by discovering secret places and win mars in hand.
•VIP system: allow players to enter high level field and get high-ends heroes easier, receive attribute points, high level stones to upgrade your warriors and equipments.

To learn more about 《Fantasia Sango XP》and join the action, go to